Inspired By Nature!

You don’t need to be a naturalist to experience the allure of California’s flora and fauna. A thoughtfully designed residential landscape with native plants will bring this beauty to your doorstep. Naturalistic gardens offer artistry and seasonal rhythm that evolve year after year, becoming even more prized for their intriguing colors, shapes, forms, textures, and branching habits.

Let your landscape nurture you! Creating an outdoor environment that connects you to nature is the latest overarching trend in gardening. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) more than 80% of clients request native plants and sustainable garden design.

Whether your dream sanctuary is represented by billowing meadows and cottage borders or formal shapes and textures, your landscape design can have visual appeal and embrace nature with California native plants. A native landscape celebrates the delightful yin yang balance while also encouraging species diversity. Your landscape can become a critical pathway to reconnecting fragmented natural habitats that threaten our local wildlife.